Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Photograph One

Photograph Two

Photograph Three

Q1: Compare Photographs One and Two and comment on their similarities.
Q2: Compare Photograph Two and Three and comment on their differences.

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  2. Photograph 1 and 2 are both ongoing and do not end.
    Photograph 2 is from wider to narrower while photograph 3 is from narrower to wider.

  3. Q1: Both photographs actually have parallel lines in them but they are not clearly shown due to the angle of where the photographs were taken. The photographs also look as if the passage is never ending.

    Q2: Photograph 2 shows the two walls going towards each other making an illusion of a never ending passage while photograph 3 shows two walls splitting up causing two different passages to be made.

    Mervin Chong

  4. Q1: They both have parallal lines
    Q2: Photo two is taken indoors while photo three is taken outdoors

  5. Q1. Picture 1 and 2 has a row or line which is broader near us and narrower further away.

    Q2. the effect of picture 2 in like looking from inside however, in picture three, it is like looking from the outside. the angles in the pictures are different.

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  7. Similarities between Photo 1 and 2:
    As it gets further, the path seems to get 'smaller' inwards. They both are parallel but it is hard to notice.

    Differences between Photo 2 and 3:
    As it gets further, the path in photo 2 gets 'smaller' inwards while the one in photo 3 goes outwards.

  8. 1. They have parallel line which meets.
    2. one is the outside view while the other is the inside view.

  9. Photograph 1 and 2 both have no end but photograph 3 has a wall to end the corridor.

  10. Q1. They both have a focus point that makes the railway tracks and hallway appear slanted but are really straight.

    Q2. In the Agora, the columns and walls appear slanted inwards, while in Picture 3, the walls of the building appear slanted outwards instead.

    Darryl Leong

  11. Ans for question 1 : The start of the track looks big and as the track goes further it gets smaller and this is related to the how the eyes look at things that is further away it will always seem smaller.

  12. 1. Both are drawn in two point perspective.
    2.Photograph Two is taken inside the building while Photograph Three is taken outside the building.

  13. 1)Both of the photographs are taken from the same perspective and have parallel lines.

    2)photograph 2 and 3 are taken from different perspectives and angles.

  14. Q1
    1. The photograph is taken such that it shows all the things in a straight line.
    2. They are man made objects.
    3. Both have wooden planks

    1. The photograph angle at where it is taken is different.
    2. Photo 2 is taken inside the building and photo 3 outside the building

  15. Q1: In photograph 1 and 2 the four lines are converging into the middle.
    Q2: While in photograph 3, the four lines are separating

  16. A1.They have parallel lines but because of the angle that it was shot at
    A2.Photo 2 is taken inside a building and photo 3 is taken outside the building

  17. Q1. photograph 1 and 2 keeps on going and becomes smaller.
    Q2. photograph 2 keeps going straight and becomes smaller inwards while photograph 3 becomes smaller outwards.

  18. The similarities between 1 and 2 are
    they are both man-made
    They are both have one pair of parallel lines
    They both have inter-crossing lines.
    The differences between 2 and 3 are
    One shows the interior while one is the exterior.
    One have many sides and one has 3

  19. Ans 1. It is shown as if the picture are never going to end photo 2 is from wider to narrower while photo is bigger to smaller

  20. Christabel Ckristyal1/26/2011 12:55:00 PM

    Q1 : Both photographs features parallel lines, the photos looks unending, and the photos focuses at something ''far far away''.

    Q2 : Photo 2 looks ''unending'' at the center, while Photo 3 looks unending at its sides.

  21. Question 1: You cannot see an end to the track in photograph 1 and 2.
    Question 2:You cannot see and an end in photograph 2 but u can see an end to the photograph in photograph 3.

  22. Q1: Both pictures have no parallel lines on the track or path way but actually they are parallel.
    Plus there are not a lot of people that can be clearly seen. They are both taken during the day. Picture 1 is at a dangerous spot while Picture 2 is like a tourists attraction.Both are tracks, pathways are going to a focus point

    Q2:Picture 2 is inside a building while Picture 3 is the outside view of a building, Picture 3's building is small while picture 2 is bigger